Where Will You Go When You Die?

Kingfisher Karma

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Can a Kingfisher
Have Karma?
Or is karma
Restricted just to
The human race?
Where Will You Go When You Die?
All creatures
In all worlds
Are subject to
The laws of Karma
Not just human beings
Thus of course
Why just Kingfishers
You, me and
All other creatures
Are governed by
The universal laws of
The mighty KARMA
Where Will You Go When You Die?
I live in a house
Surrounded by all kinds
Of plants and trees
Big and small
All kinds of
Birds and creatures
Live and frequent
This beautiful place
On a tree
Just opposite to my
Back room window
There used to come
A pretty bright blue
It used to spend some time
On the tree
Looking around
Cleaning itself
And then it used to
Fly away
Where Will You Go When You Die?
One fine day
They started to cut
A few trees
One was the one
On which the
Kingfisher used to sit
So after that
The Kingfisher stopped
Coming to sit
Its tree being destroyed
I waited day after day
Waiting for the Kingfisher
But it never came again
I had got used
To seeing
Its bright blue colours
But now those
Colours were gone
It felt like
The rainbow had vanished
From the horizon
Days went by
I would look at the tree
Hoping to see the Kingfisher
But it did not come again
 Where Will You Go When You Die?
One day
I saw it then
Right outside my window
It sat there
Perched for a few minutes
It seemed to look at me
As though wanting to say
One FINAL goodbye
And then it flew away
Again I waited
And waited to see it
For many days
I missed its
Bright blue colors

Where Will You Go When You Die?

Which made it
Stand out from the rest
Of the environ
But no luck
It had vanished again
Again I waited
And waited
But again the
Kingfisher had vanished
One day
It was around 6 PM
I was going out
For a walk
I saw it again
Hidden partly behind
Some tall trees
Perched still and silent
 Where Will You Go When You Die?
Of course
It could have been
Another Kingfisher
But somehow my instinct
Led me to believe
Or my heart
Forced me to believe
What I wanted to
It was
MY Kingfisher
 Where Will You Go When You Die?
Then I went on my way
I never saw
MY Kingfisher again
Pont is
Why did the Kingfisher
Have to have
Its perch destroyed?
Perhaps it lived
In one of
The surrounding trees
And its home
Had been destroyed
Because of the
Chopped trees
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Why was the home
Of the poor Kingfisher
Was it because
Of its karma?
Who can tell?
All creatures
Even humans
Are subject to
The laws of Karma
Same perhaps
Was the case
Of the poor Kingfisher.

Where Will You Go When You Die?

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  1. Hello Atmadvarr. I don’t have a concept of Karma, but my religion teaches that everything on earth is spiritual. I love the picture of the kingfisher. We have a lot of birds where I live, but not kingfishers. Thanks for sharing you ideas and your lovely photos.

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