Where Will You Go When You Die?

Make Your Own Karma, Happy New Year 2017

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It just does not make sense
To keep blaming God
For things that go
Wrong in life
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Or asking God
What is happening to me?
What is happening to my life?
Why are things
Going wrong for me?
You have made your bed
And you now need
To lie in it
You made your bed
Not God!
So, why blame God
If you have to
Sleep on a bed
Made out of thorns
Or stones?
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Alicia Hall
Was waiting in the lobby
To be interviewed
For a job that
She was desperate to get
She was called in
And 5 minutes later
She walked out
She had not got the job
She called out to God
Why God? Why?
Why have you
Done this to me?
I needed the job
So very badly
I begged of you
To give me this job
I told you and told you
So many many times
That I needed this job
So very badly

Where Will You Go When You Die?

Still you did not
Bother to hear me
Still you did not
Bother to give me the job?
Even though I told you
So many times
That I needed this job
So desperately?
Where Will You Go When You Die?
You are God
You can do
Anything you want
But you could not
Give me this job?
Even though
I prayed so much
And begged of you?
How is God to blame
Whether you get a job
Or not?
It is your own efforts
That will decide whether
You get the job or not
You may feel that
Some people get jobs

Where Will You Go When You Die?

Based on their
Influential position in life
But then even that
Is based on something –
On their karma.
People who do not
Have things in life
Ask for simple things
Just to let their days pass
For example
A beggar living
On the streets
Would hope and
Perhaps pray
That he/she is able
To get something to eat
For that day
Where Will You Go When You Die?
A person who is
Educated but not rich
Will dream of getting
A good high paying job
Buying a nice big house
Earning lots of money
Acquiring a big car, etc.
A person who is filthy rich
Will dream of acquiring
Better and bigger things
Than he or she already has
This is the way
Human nature is
And that is why
Human beings are
Always unhappy
No matter what
Their position in life is
Where Will You Go When You Die?People
Are never ever happy
With what they get in life
Even the beggar
Who is begging
And has hardly any hope
Of getting a meal for the day
Is not satisfied with
What he or she gets
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Here is a story of
A troubled beggar…
A man walks past a beggar every day and gives him $1 and that continues for a year. Then suddenly the daily donation changes to 75 cents.
“Well,” the beggar thinks, “It’s still better than nothing.”
A year passes in this way until the man’s daily donation suddenly becomes 50 cents.
“What’s going on now?” the beggar asks his donor.
“First you give me $1 every day, then 75 cents and now only 50 cents. What’s the problem?”
“Well,” the man says, “Last year my eldest son went to university. It’s very expensive, so I had to cut costs. This year my eldest daughter also went to university, so I had to cut my expenses even further.”
“And how many children do you have?” the beggar asks.
“Four,” the man replies.
“Well,” says the beggar, “I hope you don’t plan to educate them all at my expense.”
Where Will You Go When You Die?
The worst part is that
People blame God
For their problems.
How is God responsible
For your problems?
Where Will You Go When You Die?
You make your own Karma,
So why blame God
For all your woes?
The New Year 2017 is here
Make a firm resolution
You will make your own Karma
And you will make sure
It is very good Karma
All the best for the New Year
Happy New Year 2017

Where Will You Go When You Die?

9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Karma, Happy New Year 2017

  1. Hi,
    When unfortunate things happen to people they automatically think it’s beyond their control. They don’t look to see how they have contributed to the outcome. I think that is why they call out to God or whomever. It’s easier to blame another than take responsibility but in the end you are the one who is capable when it comes to turning things around.

    1. Hi Lea.
      Happy to see you here.
      Very rightly said.
      People make their own Karma
      But they blame God
      For the bad things
      That happen to them.
      Thanks again for dropping by.
      Best wishes and regards.

  2. Hi Ved,

    LOVED this! I’m so glad I stopped by.
    It’s so true. We blame God (and everyone else) for everything. personal responsibility is a tough thing because it requires looking at the self – and that can be painful.

    Great reminder that we are in charge of the way we perceive things and respond.

    Thanks for putting this together.

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