Miracles Happen

Perhaps you are skeptical
And do not believe in miracles
Most people are skeptical
About miracles!
Where Will You Go When You Die?
But the truth about miracles
Is that they actually happen
And I am living proof of that
Let me share with you
A few miracles…
Yes, not one…
But a few miracles
That have taken place
In my life, over the years
For over a decade
I suffered from painful
And huge and nasty
Nasal polyps
I went to many doctors
And I got only one answer
From them all
But let me share
Something about myself…
Where Will You Go When You Die?
And so I let the nasal polyps grow
Worst part is…
I suffer from ASTHMA
The nasal polyps grew so big
That they blocked my nasal passage
And I could no longer
Breathe from my nose
I was only breathing
Through my mouth
I even lost my sense of smell
I had given up on doctors
As I knew they had
Only one answer for me
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Day and night I prayed
And asked for the
Nasal polyps to go
I suffered for over a decade
And I felt that
Things would get worse
Or I would keep on suffering
In this way
For the rest of my life
6 months ago
A miracle took place
I was doing the daily POOJA
Where Will You Go When You Die?
I was offering
Fresh flowers to the Gods
I sniffed deeply
Yes, I could actually smell again
It lasted for just around 5 minutes or so
But I actually could smell again
It was indeed a
So after that
I would do Pooja daily
‘Coz I took it as a sign
To me it meant
God wanted me to
Devote more time to Him.
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Daily I would do Pooja
And whenever I did the Pooja
My nose would open up
And I would be able to smell
It lasted for a few minutes only
But I did Pooja everyday
And prayed more
Slowly, I could breathe
Through my nose
For longer time periods
And today…
I can breathe 24/7
If that is not a MIRACLE
What is?
Where Will You Go When You Die?
A month ago
I noticed a swelling
On my stomach
It started to grow and grow
And got red and huge
And very painful
I started to get worried
But as I said
I am scared of injections
And operations
And so I did not want to
Go to a doctor
But I had no choice
As I was in pain
Where Will You Go When You Die?
I went to a doctor
He said…
You have to be operated
I went to a 2nd doctor
The same answer
I visited 6 doctors
I got the same answer.
The pain got so bad
That I could not
Where Will You Go When You Die?
I went to another doctor
He said I could get it operated
Or I could take some medicines
And wait for a week
And see what happened
He said I had to
Come to the hospital
To get the wound dressed
I agreed to wait 7 days
And go to the hospital
For the dressing everyday
Where Will You Go When You Die?
I prayed and prayed
That I would not have to
Undergo any operation
And that no
Surgical tool would be used
And that I would get cured
After around 10 days
The wound started to heal
Today, the wound is healed
Where Will You Go When You Die?
You may be skeptical
And not believe in miracles
The truth is
Miracles do happen
All you have to do
To make miracles happen
Is have FAITH!
Truth is..
It is in your hands
PostTo make MIRACLES happen
You need to have


Where Will You Go When You Die?
It’s never too late to start
And you can start RIGHT NOW!