Where Will You Go When You Die?

Why Not To Blame God For Your Troubles!

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Why do most people
Ask God about
All their troubles?
Why do most people


For their troubles?

Where Will You Go When You Die?

Why is it that
So many people think
That God is the reason
For all their troubles?
This is not at all true
And God is not the cause
Of the troubles
That people face

Where Will You Go When You Die?

A little girl wanted
Some cash very badly
She prayed for 3 months
But she did not
Get the money
She so badly wanted
So finally she decide
To write to God
And ask for the money
She took a clean white paper
And started to write
After she finished
She then took
A clean white envelope
And put the letter in it
She pasted the envelope shut
On it she wrote
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Then she walked
Down the road
And put the letter
In the shiny red
Post office box
Standing on the road
The postman who
Saw the letter
Showed it to his boss
His boss saw
It was from the
Little girl down the road
And decided to
Send it to the
President of the country
The President was
Very touched by the letter
He immediately asked
His assistant to send
10 bucks to the little girl
The President thought
To the little girl
This would be
A great amount of money
Where Will You Go When You Die?
When the little girl
Got the money
She was delighted
And immediately sat
And wrote
A reply to God…
Dear GOD:
Thank you so much
For the money you sent
I saw that you sent it
Through the office of
Our Government
And as usual
Those fools went and
Cut a huge amount
From what I asked
And sent me
Only 10 bucks
Where Will You Go When You Die?
But life is not like that
People always tend to
For their problems
In life
Every day and every night
People of all ages
And from all walks of life
Are confronted by
All kinds of troubles.
And many of these people
Blame God for
All their problems
But why is this the case?
How can God be responsible
For their troubles?
As you sow
So shall you reap
Where Will You Go When You Die?
If you have
Planted a seed
To grow a mango tree
If you nourish that seed
You will get a mango tree
With delicious mango fruit
If you plant a mango tree
You cannot expect
Apples to grow on it
The same is with life
What you get out of life
Depends on what
You put into it
Where Will You Go When You Die?
If you put bad things into life
You can only expect
The bad to come back to you
In this life or the next
Or the next
YOU do not believe in
Life after death?
I will talk about that
If you do good in life
You might find life
Hard to live
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Because the world
Has become a very
Corrupt place to live in
But the rewards
For doing good
Leading a life
That is good
Far outweigh the
For doing bad
In this life and
The MANY lives to come
Where Will You Go When You Die?
So decide
how you want to
live your life
Then expect the
Consequences of being bad
For they will come
Have no doubt about it
Lead a good life
It is definitely tough
Given that we live
In very troubled
And tough times
The rewards for
Being good
Will be seen by you
Sooner or later
If not in this life
Then in the next
Where Will You Go When You Die?
That is what is known as
Make your Karma
Make it good
Make it NOW
Your life depends
On how you make
Your Karma
This life
The next and
All the other lives
That you have to take
Till the time you are
From this vicious cycle
Of life and death
Where Will You Go When You Die?
Has got nothing to do
With your troubles
You yourself
Have created them
So why blame God?

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